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Lessons Learned while Running a First-Year Conference. Part 2: Setting Boundaries

In the first part of Lessons Learned while Running a First-Year Conference, I talked about how to strip down your conference to an MVP. In this post, I’ll address how to make all of those items a reality. You’ll need to treat them as non-negotiable, which means no accepting excuses. It’s time to make it work.

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DevRel Weekly Year One: Patterns, Projections, Plans

It’s been just over one year since I launched DevRel Weekly and what a year it’s been! The Developer Relations industry has matured a lot in the last few years and this past year was no exception. Keep reading to dig into the data about what's happened in the DevRel industry in the past year and where I think it might be headed for the next 52 issues of DevRel Weekly, as well as future plans for DevRel Weekly.

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A Retrospective on REdeploy (or Lessons Learned while Running a First-Year Conference)

Many people have asked just how we pulled off some of the things that we accomplished with REdeploy as a first year, volunteer-run conference. This series is a quick look at some of the high-level points that we focused on to accomplish our high-level goal: to create a good experience for our speakers and attendees that would foster a conversation around the importance of Resilience Engineering in technology.

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"Fail Fast, Fail Forward" is Great... Until it (Really) Isn't

The “fail fast, fail forward” mentality doesn’t just impact the code -- it impacts the surrounding people and organizations as well. As an industry, we’ve done so much to make sure our technology will stretch and grow to be more effective and efficient that sometimes we forget about the effect it can have on our organization and on our teams. It’s no longer enough to talk about things only from the perspective of code and technology -- we have to take into account the impact our technical decisions are having on our colleagues, coworkers, and friends.

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