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"Fail Fast, Fail Forward" is Great... Until it (Really) Isn't

The “fail fast, fail forward” mentality doesn’t just impact the code -- it impacts the surrounding people and organizations as well. As an industry, we’ve done so much to make sure our technology will stretch and grow to be more effective and efficient that sometimes we forget about the effect it can have on our organization and on our teams. It’s no longer enough to talk about things only from the perspective of code and technology -- we have to take into account the impact our technical decisions are having on our colleagues, coworkers, and friends.

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Running on the Water

I recently encountered an incredibly uncomfortable tension. I fought it off at first, but maybe this tension… this pause… this stopping to meditate and consider and marinate on these new revelations is exactly what I need to get out of this “dip” caused by fear, by (invisible) external pressure, by ghosts from my past. By dwelling in it, finding some unexpected truths in it, and then pushing against it, I can take off to power forward on the next leap that’s ahead of me.

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