DevRel Resources

Developer Relations Resources

I co-host The Community Pulse with Jason Hand and PJ Hagerty, and with every episode, we get a fantastic list of resources for Developer Relations professionals. This resulting list is a conglomeration of resources that I've come across, as well as those recommended on The Community Pulse, CMX Hub, and CMGRChat (all notes or reviews were pulled from these two sites).

What additional resources am I missing? Please leave a comment in the Github gist with any books, blogposts, videos, or organizations you'd like to see represented!

Disclaimer: Given how many resources are listed, I'm sure you understand that I haven't read, listened to, or watched all of them myself. My apologies in advance if there is anything offensive in them. Please leave a comment in the gist or reach out to me on Twitter (my DMs are open) if there is anything you find that is off-color or untoward in any way.